NYC Votes is an initiative of the New York City Campaign Finance Board, the independent city agency that ensures local elections are fair, inclusive, and open. 

We boost participation among voters and candidates alike so that our elected officials address the needs of our diverse communities and the issues voters care about.

We do this by empowering New Yorkers who are less likely to vote, reducing barriers to running for office, and offering solutions to improve our election system. NYC Votes partners with community organizations, volunteers, and other city agencies to register, educate, and engage voters across the city. We aim to build a greater understanding of the electoral process for all New Yorkers by having an honest dialogue about how our elections work and why they matter.

Established in 1988, the agency also equips New Yorkers with information about the candidates on their ballot and how their campaigns are funded. Our matching funds program matches every $1 from a local donor with up to $8 of city funding, encouraging city candidates to focus on their communities instead of special interests.

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