NYC’s entire City Council is on the ballot!

You’ll vote for the future of your neighborhood—from Baychester to Bed Stuy!

In fact, your vote in local elections can have a bigger impact on your daily life than national elections. Our city’s laws begin as legislation drafted and voted on by the City Council. They have recently voted on issues like paid sick leave, childcare services, and salary transparency.

In addition to the City Council, you will also vote for District Attorney, Civil Court Judges, and Ballot Proposals.

Local elections matter. On November 7, your neighborhood’s future is in your hands!

A photo of a woman wearing a mask that says vote.

“I firmly believe that everybody can make a difference in this world and one way to do that is to vote." -@risaxu

Offices on the Ballot

November 7 General Election

  • City Council
  • District Attorney (Bronx, Queens, Staten Island)
  • Civil Court
  • Ballot Proposals