How your ballot will be counted

All 1st choice votes are counted. If a candidate receives more than 50% of votes, they win!

However, if no candidate earns more than 50% of 1st choice votes, then counting will continue in rounds.

Each round, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. If your highest-ranked candidate is eliminated, your vote goes to the next highest ranked candidate on your ballot.

This process continues until there are only 2 candidates left. The candidate with the most votes wins!

How to fill out your Ranked Choice ballot

Learn how to fill out your Ranked Choice ballot correctly. Then practice ranking your choices!

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What happens if my top choice candidate is eliminated?

Your vote will move to the next highest ranked candidate on your ballot.

With Ranked Choice Voting, you can still impact who wins if your top choice is eliminated.

ballot tabulation explanation close up

How it's counted: When a candidate is eliminated, those ballots are reallocated to the voter's next choice.

Ballot Tabulation Result Chart

Your ballot: Your next choice vote is counted. 

Top FAQs

Does ranking 5 candidates mean I have 5 votes?

No. Your vote only counts for the highest active candidate on your ballot. Your vote will only count for your 2nd choice if your 1st choice is eliminated, and so on.

When can I expect results in Ranked Choice Voting elections?

Final results in Ranked Choice elections will not be known until all absentee and military ballots are counted, which could take several weeks after Election Day.

Where can I find official election results?

The NYC Board of Elections will share unofficial election results after polls close on Election Day. However, these results will not include any absentee ballot votes. After they receive all absentee ballots, they will finish counting and release certified final results. You can find election results at the NYC Board of Elections website. Visit the Board of Elections website.