What are ballot proposals?

There are four proposals on the ballot this fall. One proposal will be voted on statewide, and three are specific to New York City. You can vote “Yes” or “No” on each of these proposals. Ballot proposals are approved if they receive a majority of the vote. Click “Learn More” under each ballot proposal listed below to see a proposal summary and pro/con statements submitted by NYC voters.

Why are these proposals on the ballot?

The statewide ‘Clean Air, Clean Water, and Green Jobs Bond Act’ was originally proposed by Governor Cuomo in 2020, and the state legislature voted to put the issue on the ballot for voters to decide. However, the proposal was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Governor Hochul amended the proposal earlier this year, and the legislature once again voted to place it on the ballot this November.

In 2021, Mayor de Blasio formed the Racial Justice Commission to identify and root out structural racism in our city. Their goal is to reduce barriers to power, access, and opportunity for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern and all People of Color in NYC. To achieve this, the commission can propose changes to the City Charter, which determines how our city functions and governs. The three citywide proposals are recommendations from the commission on amendments to the City Charter.

Proposals at a Glance

Ballot Proposal 1: Clean Water, Clean Air, And Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022

This proposal would allow for state bonds to be sold to fund environmental projects.

Ballot Proposal 2: Add a Statement of Values to Guide Government

This proposal would amend the New York City Charter to:

This proposal would add introductory text, known as a preamble, to the New York City Charter. This preamble would serve as a guiding principle for city government to promote justice and equity for all New Yorkers.

Ballot Proposal 3: Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission

This proposal would create an Office of Racial Equity, require a citywide Racial Equity Plan every two years, and create a Commission on Racial Equity.

Ballot Proposal 4: Measure the True Cost of Living

This proposal would require the city to measure the actual cost of living for city residents to meet essential needs.