What Does the City Council Do?

The City Council is the legislative, or law-making, branch of New York City’s government. Council members introduce and vote on bills, negotiate and approve the City’s budget, monitor city agencies, and make decisions about land use.

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Primary Candidates

You must be registered with a political party to vote in their primary election. Only parties holding primary elections are listed below.

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Other offices on the ballot

In addition to City Council, there may be additional non-city offices on your ballot depending on your political party and where you live: 

  • District Attorney
  • Civil Court 
  • Delegates to the Judicial Convention
  • Alternate Delegates to the Judicial Convention
  • County Committee
  • District Leader

To find a complete list of races on your ballot, including candidates, you can visit the Board of Elections’ Poll Site Locator and enter in your address. After you enter your address, click “View Sample Ballot” at the top of the page.

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This is a Ranked Choice Election

NYC uses Ranked Choice Voting in primary elections for city offices, like City Council. With Ranked Choice Voting, you can rank up to five candidates in order of preference instead of choosing just one. 

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About NYC Matching Funds Program

The New York City Campaign Finance Board’s matching funds program matches every $1 from a local donor with up to $8 of city funding, encouraging city candidates to focus on their communities instead of special interests.

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Find My Poll Site

Find My Poll Site

Visit the Board of Elections’ website and enter your address to find your poll site.

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